Computer & Laptop Services

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We will find the problem and give you an up-front, responsible price before charging you a penny.
FREE $65.00
PC Clean Up
Clean dust and dirt inside and outside of case, drives, and fans.
FREE $19.95
PC Check Up
Clean dust and dirt inside and outside of case, drives, and fans. Defragment drives and check storage space.
$20.00 $49.90
PC Tune Up
Complete tune up through removal of malware and adware, registry clean up, and defragmentation of drives.
$97.50 $129.95
Virus and Malware Removal
Complete removal of malicious viruses, spyware, adware, trojans, worms, and other malware.
$65.00 $95.00
Standard Security and Performance
Upgrade your PC’s performance through removal of all the unnecessary clutter, installation of security software to rid the computer of viruses and malware (software included), and installation of all critical updates.
$97.50 $149.50
Advanced Security and Performance
All the perks of Standard Security and Performance with the addition of a backup of your personal data to a disc (up to 10GB).
$120.50 $159.50
Advanced Diagnostic and Repair
Extensive, in-depth diagnosis of issues like system lag, lockups, crashes, and internet connectivity problems. Includes virus and malware removal, software repair, and physical clean-up.
$97.50 $165.00
Premium Diagnostic, Repair, and Prevention
All the features of Advanced Diagnostic and Repair, additionally including the installation of the security and privacy software necessary to keep your computer protected.
$149.00 $199.00
Data Migration
Transfer up to 10GB of data from one computer to another.
$65.00 $99.00
One Time Data Backup/Transfer
Save secure copies of your computer’s files in case of a severe crash (up to 10GB).
$65.00 $95.00
Automated Data Backup
Connection of an external hard drive to your computer, set up operating system software for network access, and configuration of a routine backup of all your personal data (external drive not included).
$97.50 $149.00
Operating System Installation
Installation or upgrade of the Windows operating system.
$119.50 $199.00
Internet Service Provider Setup
Installation of ISP hardware and software.
$95.00 $159.00
Card Installation
Installation of an internal expansion card into a PC or notebook.
$20.00 $49.00
Drive Installation
Installation of an internal drive and bundled software.
$49.99 $95.00
Memory Installation
Installation of additional system memory into a PC or notebook.
FREE $19.97
Peripheral Installation
Installation of peripherals (that connect through external interfaces such as USB and FireWire) and bundled software.
$30.00 $65.00
Software Installation
Installation and configuration of a software application for optimal performance on your PC.
$30.00 $80.00
Advanced Hardware Repair
Removal and/or installation of main board (motherboard), or complete case swap.
$65.00 $97.50
New PC Setup
Configuration of PC for users, installation of system updates, and installation and setup of up to two additional software applications.
$30.00 $65.00
Premium PC Setup
All the perks of New PC Setup, additionally including configuration of an ISP.
N/A $149.00
Network Installation and Setup
Installation and configuration of network hardware, security measures, and up to two additional PCs to share printers, files, and internet connections.
N/A $149.00
Online Gaming Setup
Installation and configuration of a game console or PC for online gaming, with wired or wireless network access.
N/A $95.00
Digital Camera Setup and Training
Setup and configuration of a digital camera including installation of included PC software and demonstration of transfer of photos from the camera to a PC and basic photo editing.
$49.00 $95.00
MP3 Setup and Training
Installation of software and demonstration MP3 player functions and music library setup.
$49.00 $95.00
VOIP Telephone Installation
On-site installation and configuration of VOIP telephone equipment.
N/A $119.00
CD to MP3 Conversion
Conversion of a track from a CD into an MP3 file that.
$0.99 N/A
DVD Duplication
Duplication of a DVD.
$14.99 N/A
1 Hour of PC or Notebook Service
Hourly rate PC, notebook, network, or mobile technology support.
$65.00 $95.00